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The Georgia Sidecar Club!
Sidecarists and Solo Bikers

Hi There

We would like to introduce ourselves to the sidecarists and solo bikers in Georgia, and the rest of the south, who would be interested in riding with us. Our group was formed in 1994 to foster camaraderie among the sidecar fraternity and interested solo bikers. We are a loosely structured Club of sidecarists and solo bikers with mutual interest in riding together, sharing experiences, getting different opinions on things technical and help in things mechanical, friendly bantering back and forth and last but not least, enjoying ourselves and having a ball.

We are not affiliated with any other organization, no pins, no patches, no vests, no political structure (make no politics) and no regular meetings. Any business we need to get done is accomplished at events we hold or via telephone or email. On the agenda, or in the planning stages, are participating bike shows, interesting day rides, weekend rides, dinner rides (all you have to do is plan one), attendance at rallies, picnics, and as many other events that we can reasonably fit in and desired by members. Most events are campouts around the state. We'll do pretty much anything anyone is willing to suggest, it it involves sidecars! Events are scheduled around the compass so all members have opportunities to ride closer to home. Additionally, we hold an annual Howdy Summer Sidecar Rally in early June in the mountains of North Georgia (some of the prettiest riding country in the US of A). We publish a newsletter 8 times a year that we think is pleasing to read and informative..
Dues are $18 per year, to cover costs. Initial partial year is on us. Everybody renews June 1.

This Club is for and about the members! We love and encourage member involvement!!
How about giving some serious consideration to joining our group. You can email (by clicking on a name) or call
James Allmond at 478-471-9153 or Eddie George at 706-654-2648 or Janice Rinaldo at 404-312-5290 if you have any questions.

We support and encourage membership in these organizations.
AMA .................. USCA

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